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Our team

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Diana Alcantara is the founder and creative director. Before Diana established the interior design firm 2 years ago, at a young age she had a passion for Architecture. Worked as an assistant to project manager in New York City and since then has gain experience in the field. Since establishing her firm, the interior designer has accomplished a productive and one-one communication with her clients. With each project, Diana attempts to continuously push the boundaries of typical northern west-coast interior design. Aside from the distinct modern, Diana’s work truly reflects a unique, original and playful eclectic aesthetic. Diana credits her diverse Dominican heritage for the reason she’s fearlessly able to take bold risks with her projects. Growing up, the interior designer would spend time with both sets of grandparents who never went to college and only one of them got to 8th grade and became an Civil Engineer and freelance for more then 50 years in the Dominican Republic. Being exposed to deep Dominican or Caribbean cultural roots and such diverse traditions at a young age, is the reason Diana’s work is able to be influenced by so many time periods, cultures and countries. Almost nothing is off limits when it comes to her designs. Diana’s strong lust to constantly create is the reason why she soon will be creating YouTube channel.




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David is an Interior Architect and have being in business for about 7 years. David is also part of the design team. Creating awesome projects and giving life to the client’s vision. He has a big interest in Residential Design, although he’s knowledge does not stop there, also commercial and Hospitality Design. David’s style do not stop at modern and traditional, he goes beyond any expectation you may have from your project.




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Massiel is an Accounter and well a project management. She works to ensure that the office operates smoothly through facilitating inter-department communication and communicating with sub-contractors and our long term clients. She aids the design team by ensuring that clients are notified about their project updates. 

Massiel Garcia

Project Management